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Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity

The Institute is named for William E. "Brit" Kirwan, former President of The Ohio State University, in recognition of his significant and successful efforts to champion diversity at the University. [Kirwan Institute site]

Center for Belonging and Social Change

In order to fully address the need to promote intercultural competence among the student body, the Center for Belonging and Social Change (CBSC) has organizationally restructured toward an intercultural model. While the CBSC continues to support students of specific cultural and identity groups, the staff promotes initiatives designed to achieve effective inter and intra-cultural consciousness throughout the full campus community. [Center for Belonging and Social Change site]

Office of Diversity and Inclusion

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion, formerly Office of Minority Affairs was created in 1970 to provide leadership for The Ohio State University in supporting the success of minority students, faculty, and staff. The Office of Diversity and Inclusion directly serves and celebrates the contributions of African Americans, Appalachians, Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders, Native Americans, and Hispanic Americans. The office emphasizes the recruitment, retention, and timely graduation of undergraduate, graduate, and professional students. The Office of Diversity and Inclusion promotes a welcoming climate and serves in an advocacy role for minority individuals both at Ohio State and in the larger community. [Office of Diversity and Inclusion site]

The Women's Place

The Women's Place serves as a catalyst for institutional change to expand opportunities for women's growth, leadership and power in an inclusive, supportive, and safe university environment consistent with the goals of the Academic and Diversity Plans. [The Women's Place site]