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African American and African Studies

African American and African Studies at The Ohio State University is a proud product of the 1960s Black freedom movement. Originally established as an academic division in October 1969 as Black Studies, it achieved formal department status in 1972 and today enjoys the reputation of being one of the strongest African American and African Studies programs in the nation. [African American and African Studies site]

American Indian Studies

Ohio's indigenous people, which includes our students and faculty, represent a wide variety of tribal backgrounds, region, cultural traditions, education, and research. According to native protocol, we acknowledge the ancestral ties of Shawnees, and subsequently of Wyandots andDelawares. The Ohio State University┬╣s American Indian Studies Minor offers students the opportunity to explore Native histories, issues, and perspectives from a local, regional, and global level within multiple disciplines. [American Indian Studies site]

Comparative Ethnic and American Studies

The undergraduate concentration in Comparative Ethnic and American studies (CEAS) provides a course of study that engages interdisciplinary and comparative understanding of ethnicity and race in the Americas. Like other concentrations in Comparative Studies, CEAS places "comparison" at the heart of its mission: we analyze processes of racialization in relation to gender, sexuality, and class that have shaped ethnic American experiences, cultural production, and relations to citizenship. [Comparative Ethnic and American Studies site]

Disability Studies

Disability Studies at The Ohio State University examines the nature, meaning, and consequences of disability in global culture from an integrated social, political, cultural model. It incorporates historical, phenomenological, political, cultural, medical, sociological, technological, educational, and legal perspectives in order to provide an enriched and coherent view of disability as part of universal human experience, by understanding and analyzing disability as a phenomenon that simultaneously manifests itself at the bodily, person, and societal levels. [Disability Studies site]

Latinx Studies

The Latinx Studies mission is: to ensure continued growth, success, and increased Latino student enrollment of students at the Ohio State University. To provide a forum and community of scholars that will foster the continued growth of cutting edge disciplinary and interdisciplinary research at OSU. To achieve excellence in research, service, and teaching so as to continue to grow a national and international prominent reputation. To increase student enrollment, with an especial eye toward Latinos. [Latinx Studies site]

Sexuality Studies

The field of Sexuality Studies examines how sexual practices, expressions, identities, and representations are shaped by social, historical, psychological, literary, legal, biological, and political contexts. We offer an interdisciplinary undergraduate minor as well as a graduate interdisciplinary specialization in Sexuality Studies. [Sexuality Studies site]

Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies

Women's Studies in an interdisciplinary field of research and teaching that places gender at the center of inquiry. It raises many questions about gender as a socially and culturally constructed phenomenon that affects our personal lives, artistic expression, social relationships, and even the ways we think about ourselves and the world. [Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies]