Namiko Kunimoto

Program Director, Asian American Studies; Assistant Professor, Department of History of Art

Namiko Kunimoto is a specialist in modern and contemporary Japanese art, with research interests in gender, urbanization, photography, performance art, transnationalism, Asian-American culture, and nation formation. Her recent publications include “Tanaka Atsuko’s Electric Dress and the Circuits of Subjectivity” in The Art Bulletin (September 2013) and “Shiraga Kazuo: The Hero and Concrete Violence” published in Art History (February 2013). Other significant publications include work on photography and transcultural issues such as “Traveler-as-Lama Photography and the Fantasy of Transformation in Tibet” in TransAsia Photography Review (October 2011). Professor Kunimoto teaches classes on Asian American art and also supervises students interested in researching the topic. She published “Intimate Archives: Japanese-Canadian Family Photography, 1939-1949” in Art History in 2004.

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