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Winter 2012 Courses

East Asian Language and Literature

346: Asian American Film

day/time: MW 1:30 - 3:18
room: Campbell Hall 309
call #: 26979
instructor: K. Denton

Introduction to Asian American cinema from the 1960s to the present, including documentaries, feature films, and experimental films.


History/Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies

322H Natives and Newcomers: U.S. Immigration and Migration

day/time: TR 1:30 - 3:18
room: Science & Engineering Library (SEL) 60
call #: (HIST) 25718; (WGSS) 26637
instructors: L. Fernandez & J. Wu

General survey of (im)migration history in the U.S. from precolonial times to the present. Topics include cultural contact, economic relations, citizenship, politics, family and sexuality.
[GEC social diversity in the US and historical survey course.]



325: American Women's History (elective)

day/time: TR 10:30 - 11:48
room: Evans Lab 2004
call #: 17053
instructor: J. Wu

This course surveys the history of American women from pre-European settlement to the present. The lectures, readings, and films will emphasize how female roles in the realms of family, work, politics, and culture change over time. Particular attention will be paid to how women negotiate social norms and help to create new standards of acceptability. Also, the class will focus on the diversity among women in terms of race, ethnicity, class, and sexuality.