Summer 2014 Courses

Summer 2014

    electives: Asian Studies - U.S. Race & Ethnicity

    Asian Studies

    Philosophy (7 Week Summer Session)
    2120 Asian Philosophies
    13333 Matthew McCall TWTh 12:10-2:00 McPherson Lab 1046

    US Race / Ethnicity

    English (May Session)
    4581 Special Topics in U.S. Ethnic Literatures: "The Ethics of Comparative Racializations"
    23372 Lynn Itagaki MWF 2:00-5:00 Denney Hall 0250

    Course Description: Are all racial minorities Black? Is Yellow Black or White? Why are Asians considered a model minority and other racial groups stigmatized? Do biracial or multiracial Americans "count"? Why can't we all get along? What is the racial hierarchy from the past to the present that now determines our future? How is that racial hierarchy gendered in the hypermasculinization and hyperfeminization of groups? The inclusiveness of the term "Black" or "African American" has been contested by multiple diasporic populations of African descent from all over the world. "Asian American," a political category, has itself been contested by Pacific Islanders, South Asians, and those of the multiple Asian diasporas. "Latina/o" is not considered a racial identity by the US Census, and Arab Americans are considered white. What does it mean to be identified as Native American rather than through one's affiliation to or enrollment in tribes and nations? We'll talk about the complex histories of US and European imperialisms and international politics that produce uneven and often illogical racial identities in the US. Given that the category of race is an interracial formation, we will examine how writers of color merge forms and genres in order to advance an interracial ethics.

    History of Art (7 Week Summer Session)
    24786 History of Photography: East/West Photography
    23372 Namiko Kunimoto TWThF 2:20-3:40

    Course Description: This course will begin with the emergence of photography and will examine the medium's pivotal role in shaping relations between Asia and the West. We will explore early portraiture, architectural sites, colonial tourism, popular culture, family photographs, and contemporary art photography. No previous experience in Asian art or photography required.

    Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (7 Week Summer Session)
    2367.04 Reading Black Women Writers: Text and Context
    22774 Krista Benson TTh 10:55-1:35 Enarson Classroom Building 0226